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providing and servicing machines for coffee, hot drinks, cans, bottles, snacks and bottled water coolers 

Northbridge Vending Company Ltd

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The Company

  1. Is Northbridge Vending part of any large group?

    Northbridge Vending Company is proud to be an independent, privately owned and operated company based in Burnley, Lancashire.

    We are, however, members of both the Automatic Vending Association and Associated Vending Services.

    AVS is an independent buying consortium which provides us with the purchasing power of a large group.


  2. How long has Northbridge Vending been around?

    We started trading in 1987 and were founded by our current owner and MD, Craig Holt.

    In 2017 we celebrate our Pearl Anniversary and continue to be committed to providing service excellence to customers old and new.

    Next stop Coral !


  3. Is Northbridge Vending tied to any manufacturer or supplier?

    No. We have agreements with a number of the top machine manufacturers and product suppliers.

    This allows us to offer our customers the widest selection of machines and products at competitive rates.


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  1. Can you guarantee the quality of the drinks & snacks you supply?

    Absolutely. Northbridge Vending Company only supplies its machines with the highest quality ingredients and products.

    We use premium brands such as Gold Blend, Kenco, Cadbury's, Mars, Walkers and Coca-Cola.


  2. What does 'bean to cup' coffee actually mean and what are its advantages?

    Bean to cup vending machines create coffee based drinks from freshly ground coffee beans rather than instant (i.e. freeze dried /

    granulated) coffee.

    B2C machines incorporate a bean grinder which operates on demand - for each and every cup - and dispenses the perfect measure into a

    sophisticated brewer system. This in turn forces filtered water through the grounds at the optimum pressure and temperature to bring out

    the full flavour of the selected beans.

    The aroma, look and taste of a bean to cup drink is widely regarded as superior to other methods.

    The beverage can also be as distinctive as the particular roast of coffee beans chosen by the operator.


  3. Do you rent, lease or sell vending machines?

    You'll be glad to know that we offer all 3 methods for acquiring a vending machine.

    We can help you choose the best option for your needs and support you - with restocking, cleaning, maintenance etc - to the level you choose.

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Service support

  1. What happens if one of our machines breaks down?

    As you can imagine, support response is very important to our customers...and therefore to us.

    All it takes is a phone call to our office and we will arrange to have an Engineer on site within six working hours. 

    If you prefer - or the fault occurs outside normal office hours - you can use our online fault reporting form to log your request.


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  1. How much does it all cost?

    Obviously, the cost varies depending on your choice of machine/s, products and service support package.

    Whatever you choose, you can be sure we will provide the best options and flexible financial package to meet your individual needs.


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