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providing and servicing machines for coffee, hot drinks, cans, bottles, snacks and bottled water coolers 

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Minature masterpieces. Perfect for the daily grind


Vitro X3 Espresso

The Vitro X3 Espresso offers a complete range of authentic coffee

shop style beverages delivered consistently every time.

An additional menu choice can be included such as soluble coffee or decaffeinated coffee.

Combining stunning design and proven, robust technology.

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Vitro S3 BTC

Coffetek have deployed the latest technology for making high quality espresso-based coffee. 

The high pressure brewing system and twin coffee pouring spout ensures that the highest standards of coffee are reached.


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Cino Pronto

A smart, professional bean to cup machine with eye-catching attention to detail.


Pronto is a brilliant, cute little server of high-quality hot drinks and particularly suited for use by small hotels, bed & breakfast, restaurants and offices.

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Vitro X3 Duo

The Vitro X3 Duo has a unique

combination of Italian style

espresso based beverages along

with freshly brewed leaf tea.

A complete range of high quality

beverages, simply touch and enjoy.


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machines > hot drinks > bean to cup