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BevMax 4.  A lean, green vending machine 

Bevmax Media

The new BevMax 4 Merchandising System is a greener, more reliable and technologically advanced merchandising platform that showcases a large variety of product and reliably delivers it to the consumer...every time


Market-leading selection to delivery time - the perfect solution for busy vend areas.

In its standard 5-tray configuration it gives a massive 405 product capacity. 

All trays are adjustable and free of wiring harnesses to ensure reliable operation.

Tall product pushers reduce the risk of product tipping.

Able to vend the most popular 500ml size bottles on all trays.

Tall product pushers reduce the risk of product tipping.

Dual delivery gates provide a truly shimless vending system. 

Bottles and cans of different sizes can be loaded and vended without adjustments.

Fail-safe bottle drop ramp design guarantees uninterrupted operation.

Door opens 90° flush, so BevMax 4 can be placed next to a wall or in a bank of machines.

A++. It's a great eco-pupil

BevMax 4 is one of the most energy-efficient vending machines in this market.

It exceeds the Tier 2 Energy Star requirements by over 30% and has achieved an EVA EMP rating of A++

BevMax 4 also features low energy LED lighting as standard,further enhancing its environmental credentials.

Energy Efficiency Rating

machines > cold drinks bottle & can