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Cino Pronto.  Says it all, really

Cino Pronto

A smart, professional bean-to-cup machine with eye-catching attention to detail.

Pronto is a brilliant, cute little server of high-quality hot drinks and particularly suited for use by small hotels, bed & breakfast, restaurants and offices.


Back-lit main door panel and funky, coloured LED bar to light the drink dispensing area.

Modern, simple interface with 8 back-lit, programmable selection buttons & LCD.

Movable cup support to allow use of standard cups, mugs, glasses or coffee-to-go cups. 

2 product canisters with a mixing bowl plus a coffee bean canister for Italian espresso.

Adjustable mixing speed to allow the density of selected drinks to be varied.

Compatible with coin or cash-less (RFID) payment systems.

Pronto is available in both mains water connection and stand-alone versions - achieved with an external side module or in-built water tank.

Energy-saving features include programmable on/off timers which save energy but maintain 'vend ready' status even when inactive.

Total energy use is monitored and logged from the first service.

Use of low voltage LEDs minimizes power consumption.

H  550 mm   W 315 mm   D 500 mm   Weight 26 Kg


machines > hot drinks > bean to cup > Cino Pronto