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providing and servicing machines for coffee, hot drinks, cans, bottles, snacks and bottled water coolers 

Northbridge Vending Company Ltd

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"Mum, you've forgotten my goggles".  
 No problem.


Vending machines don't have to be just for coffee and snacks. 

Do you own or manage a venue - like a sports & leisure centre - and have identified a customer need for certain products ?  

Then talk with us.

If you have a vending product idea that you would like to turn into reality, then we can probably configure a machine to vend it.

Sure, there are some limitations on size and weight - even certain legal considerations - but we'll see what can be done for you.

Things like swimming goggles - or toiletries, nappies and feminine products for that matter - can get forgotten in the rush. 

Just imagine how pleased your customers would be if they could access these 'essential' items on the spot...when they need them.

Vending does not tie up staff time and can avoid 'embarrassment' on behalf of the customer.
And, of course, it realises extra revenue for your business too.

machines > custom machines


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