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providing and servicing machines for coffee, hot drinks, cans, bottles, snacks and bottled water coolers 

Northbridge Vending Company Ltd

Vending you can depend on


What some of our valued customers have to say...



Burnley College

"Northbridge Vending have equipped us with their outstanding 'One-Stop-Shop' vending solution throughout our busy college campus. 

Our students and staff benefit from the regularly cleaned, stocked and serviced machines providing everything from cooled cans and bottled drinks to crisps, breakfast bars and chocolates.
We even have smaller mobile, table-top sized machines which produce great tasting drinks.

All round - they're second to none" 

Simone Lomas
Head of Administration


Skipton Building Society

"Over the past four years, I can honestly say we have received an excellent service from Northbridge Vending.

Their deliveries have always been consistent and on time, with a friendly and attentive attitude to any queries I may have required assistance with

Bill Barron
Property Service Manager


Lavender Hotels Group

"With our Bean to Cup coffee machine from Northbridge Vending, we can indulge our customers with unbelievable tasting coffee-shop style drinks such as cappuccino, moccacino, latte and hot chocolate etc.

We have struck up a good working relationship too, cemented by solid after-sales service"

Jonathan Butterworth
Group Operations Manager


Yes, we have a Customer Relationship Management system. We call it talking...

...and listening of course.

Do you feel like you are getting hit with excuses cushioned in acronyms and business-speak, when all you want is someone to solve your problem ? 

Then this is for you...

We know our SWOT from our PEST but FYI, we don't place ROI and SHV above our customers' needs. 

TQM to us is doing what we said we'd do; we don't expect QSAs for that or a PMP to measure it. 

We work IRT - our engineers don't like ETA or getting back to you BCOB - and don't WFH or POETS either. 

Seriously, we take our business, well, seriously but don't let that get in the way of a good, old-fashioned relationship.