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providing and servicing machines for coffee, hot drinks, cans, bottles, snacks and bottled water coolers 

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Shopper2. The flexible vender of healthy goodness


The complete 24-hour refreshment service which provides the largest selection of products that consumers often demand.

The No.1 choice for around-the-clock fresh food, snack and cold drinks vending, it promotes high sales volumes and operator profitability.

Trays can be easily configured to hold a selection of tempting options - from plated main meals and fruit to drinks and small snack items.
Its strength is maximising available space, offering customers a wide choice.


Nine shelving levels with tall vend doors provides optimum product visibility

Exclusive 'Prefer Max' function automatically returns the drum to the view with most products for sale

Powered vend doors on all levels allow easy one-handed operation

2-way drum rotation speeds customer selection time

Individual selection pricing increases flexibility

Side-of-drum storage area keeps additional products refrigerated and available for immediate re-stocking

Onboard audit system records sales; aiding stock control & machine management

Each shelf level can each be divided into 5,10,15, 20 or 25 compartments to suit varying product sizes

Standard capacity of 115 items rising to a maximum capacity of 225 items

Shopper2 is available in silver or metallic black as standard. Optional 'Abstract' or 'Ultra Blue' graphics are also available for visual impact. 

H 1830 mm    W 968 mm    D 782 mm

Lower your carbon footprint

Shopper2 is one of the most energy-efficient fresh-food venders in the marketplace.
Achieving an EVA EMP rating of B as standard but with multi-level energy saving features.

Power-save software reduces energy consumption whilst keeping the machine vend-ready.

In 'energy-save' mode it uses13% less energy than standby mode.
With the door heaters switched off (where conditions allow) it uses a whopping 56% less energy

machines > snacks & fresh food > fresh food