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Merchant Media Keypad.  So talented, it should have its own TV show


Merchant Media Keypad

Merchant Media Keypad was designed very much with the customer in mind and offers the largest product variety in the industry. Its new intuitive interface featuring a 3.5" colour LCD display screen and fully integrated capacitive-sensing keypad provides a unique shopping experience to meet the expectations of today’s tech savvy consumers.


State-of-the-art features include a virtual shopping cart that users can fill with 

multiple items and pay for in one simple transaction and, for the machine operator, 

it has fantastic advertising and promotional capabilities.


3.5" colour LCD display

Available in two width models - equivalent to 4 or 6 crisp packets wide.

Choice of snack or combination snack, food, cold drinks options.

First-in-first-out (FIFO) setting to keep products fresh and shelves well stocked.

Maximised space-to-sales ratio, combining different sized items on the same shelf.

Virtual shopping cart.

Nutritional information display.

Multiple payment systems for coins, notes, cards and keys available.

SureVend™guarantees the customer gets the product or their money back.

All mechanical systems tested to 14 years life for unbeatable reliability & durability.

Incorporates safety and maintenance service alerts.

Merchant Media Keypad 4  -  H 1830 mm   W 895 mm     D 810 mm    247 Kg 

Merchant Media Keypad 6  -  H 1830 mm   W 1180 mm   D 810 mm   293 Kg   


Virtual Shopping Cart

Clear and convenient


  Serving suggestion: Stack it how you want it. Potential configurations for your Merchant / Merchant Media 4 or 6


Merchant machines have a 78% end-of-life recyclable content value.

Merchant Media Keypad is energy efficiency rated  A++  the highest in the industry 

It is also built from materials which are highly recyclable; with an option to make it 

carbon neutral for 5 years of life.

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