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Palma-B.  A big-seller that sells big 



This large capacity machine effortlessly vends high volumes of product.
Its robust construction and multiple security features makes it eminently suited to busy public areas.

The generic graphics means it is not restricted to a particular drinks brand and so can be filled with a combination of standard canned or bottled drinks.       


6 direct selection buttons.

Simple programming and easily configurable product & price decals. 

Holds up to a massive 648 x 330 ml cans (or 324 x 500ml bottles).

Clear, illuminated alpha-numeric display ensures reliable customer use.  

Full-height, illuminated graphics panel for maximum visual impact.

Large capacity - up to a massive 648 x 330 ml cans or 324 x 500ml bottles.

Reliable chilling system keeps drinks at the optimum temperature of 5°C.

Generous vending aperture allows easy collection of bottles & cans.

Galvanised steel body, steel buttons, anti-pry door and high-security lock.

Compatible with industry standard payment systems.

H 1830 mm   W 980 mm   D 901 mm   Weight 354 Kg   


machines > cold drinks can > Palma-B