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providing and servicing machines for coffee, hot drinks, cans, bottles, snacks and bottled water coolers 

Northbridge Vending Company Ltd

Vending you can depend on

Palma-H.  One tough cookie for your snacks...well, two actually  


A machine that certainly attracts attention and maximises impulse buys with its smart curved door design and illuminated product display.
Sturdily built and available in two size configurations to suit the location footfall. 


6 shelves with 4-8 spirals per shelf (3-6 for H70), depending on snacks vended.

Clear alpha-numeric display assists accurate product selection by the customer.

Patented Azkoyen 'i-detect' system for guaranteed vend. 

Glo-shelf dividers make the most of colourful product packaging.  

Flexible choice of coin mechanism or payment system.

Internal audit and self-diagnosis capability.

Constructed from galvanised steel with security, anti-pry door to deter vandalism.

LED low energy lighting and super insulation properties

Palma-H87   H 1830 mm   W 888 mm   D 875 mm

Palma-H70   H 1830 mm   W 723 mm   D 865 mm

Energy efficiency rating A+