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providing and servicing machines for coffee, hot drinks, cans, bottles, snacks and bottled water coolers 

Northbridge Vending Company Ltd

Vending you can depend on

Samba.  Full of cool moves 


With its welcoming, large LED-lit glass front and intuitive, user-friendly interface, Samba promises - and delivers - customer satisfaction.

Offering maximum flexibility in vending by using an innovative multi-format approach, it can handle snacks, sandwiches, cans and bottles in an unbelievable number of arrangements. 


LCD graphic display allows up to 20 characters on 10 lines for promotional messages.

Attractive, impact-resistant materials mated with elegant aluminium & black panels. 

Smart numeric pushbutton panel and 5 direct selection buttons. 

Auto opening, closing & iIlluminated deep delivery bin. 

Flashing elements direct users in selecting & collecting product and coins. 

Up to 3 payment systems can be installed on the side area, including 'cashless'.

Refrigerated cell can be set at 3 different temperatures for fresh food vending.

Additional internal storage compartment with a 20 x 330 ml can capacity.

16-bit electronics to support statistical data transmission and collection.

H 1830 mm    W 890 mm    D 793 mm