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Vitro X3 Espresso. 

Vitro X3 Espresso

This mini-marvel machine offers a complete range of authentic coffee shop style beverages delivered consistently every time.

An additional menu choice can be included such as soluble coffee or decaffeinated coffee.

Vitro‚Äôs smoked glass door and touch screen user interface displays a realistic and elegant menu, providing a state of the art look which will complement any location.

The user display, together with the cup positioning lighting system and intuitive tray position guides the user through a simple and pleasant experience when ordering a hot drink.

Customisable mood lighting along the door can be easily changed to the desired colour to match any environment. The intelligent lighting system for the dispense area and beverage

locator can be changed to suit the environment.

H - 700 mm   W - 420 mm   D - 550 mm                  

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machines > hot drinks > bean to cup > Vitro X3 Espresso