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providing and servicing machines for coffee, hot drinks, cans, bottles, snacks and bottled water coolers 

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A must for the busy office. Well...where else are you going to meet?

AA 4400

Good-looking and reliable, this range of high-capacity coolers also offers versions with hot water capability.

Mains-fed, it incorporates modern, solenoid push & hold buttons which illuminate on touch, a backlit panel for inclusion of a company logo and integral cup dispenser.

With a patented Floodguard safety device to prevent any leaks, the

AA4400 also incorporates carbon block filter and antimicrobial HygienGuard technology to inhibit bacterial growth.  

Cooling - 3 litre S/S tank. Thermo-controlled 4°C -12°C

Heating - 2 litre S/S tank. Thermo-controlled 87°c - 92°c

H  1135mm
W  340mm
D  340mm



A mains-feed drinking water fountain with durable pushbutton-operated Bubbler and long spout Glass Filler.

Direct chill capacity of 26 litres per hour to 10°c.

Incorporating carbon block filter technology to remove any unwanted taste or smell from the mains water supply to leave you with a clean, refreshing stream

H  1010mm
W  300mm
D  300mm




AA Arctic Chill 88

A sturdy, high-capacity direct chill cooler with FloodGuard.

Mains-fed, it is capable of offering an immediate draw-off of 120 cups below 12°c with an hourly capacity of 40 litres. 

Patented Floodguard safety device ensures that there are no leaks from this smart cooler. 

Incorporates carbon block filter technology.

Integral cup dispenser

H  1135mm
W  340mm
D  340mm

AA Jazz 1000

A traditional gravity-feed water bottle cooler.

Hard working, stylish,

no-nonsense cooler,

which hits all the right notes.

Solid build quality and reliable, uncomplicated technology to deliver low cost pure drinking water.

3 litre stainless steel cold water tank with a chill capacity of 18 litres per hour, from 4°c - 12°c (dependent on influent water temperature).

H  1030mm
W  340mm
D  335mm

machines > water coolers